If you’re an Executive or Leader who is ready to overcome barriers and challenges that hold you back...

we coach you to be the greatest expression of YOU possible - to realize your vision as the CEO of Your Life.

We are experts in coaching, conflict resolution, communication and spirituality. Take the CEO of Your Life Assessment and get your 15-page report to see where you need to grow and evolve.

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TraceyLiv and our Liv.Lit! Coaches work with a select number of Executives, CEOs and successful Founders each year.
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Receive your self-mastery scores and 15-page report that will be your blueprint on how to hit your dreams, goals and vision.

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Liv.Lit! is the only KD Licensed company in Europe, the Middle East and Africa that provides virtual and in-person training options.
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How the CEO of Your Life Assessment Will Help You

We believe that business success or failures are really just reflections of your inner growth, self-awareness and ability to constantly evolve.

You will be able to use your scores as a personal guide to move from unconscious and habitual behaviors that don't get you what you want, to making empowered choices that create new levels of business success.

When you're operating at your Highest Self, we call this being the CEO of Your Life.

We hope you enjoy taking the assessment and find the insights invaluable on your self-growth journey.

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American Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Rather than telling you why it's important to say thanks, here's a story of what happens when thanks is overlooked...Yesterday I spoke with a CEO of a huge company in the travel industry who put his whole Self on the line to give his leadership team a great bonus this year.

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