If you’re a purpose-led leader who wants to marry a successful career with a deeply fulfilling life....

We help you ‘have it all’ and become the CEO of Your Life.

Take the CEO of Your Life Assessment to identify your blindspots and what you need to focus on to start calling in success.

About You

You’re a purpose-led
business leader or are ready to step into your purpose
You have an outrageous vision you want to achieve
You've achieved success in business yet know there's so much more possible
You want everything in life without compromising!
You’re spiritual, intuitive and are ready to lead more from your inner guidance
You get lit up by making an impact and doing work you love

Except, you’re NOT living your version of ‘the dream’
Do you find...?

You want to break through to the next level of your business but you're finding it hard to move beyond the needs of today
Your business and life is more complex than ever and you feel overwhelmed, anxious and stressed with holding it all together
You've got plenty of money but your emotional state feels blocked and 'too serious', making you question what the heck you're doing all this for!
You're not showing up as the real you and it's messing with how you speak, how you lead and you make decisions
You feel disconnected from your why and purpose, making your work less and less enjoyable than it used to be
You feel alone in business and are constantly wondering if you're doing the right things and staying on-track

I Completely Understand

Hi I'm TraceyLiv and I’m the co-founder of Liv.Lit! along with my husband Christopher.

Running a business is one of the most rewarding yet complicated things a person can undertake.

As someone who has moved countries from Washington, DC to London to Germany, who has left a safe corporate job to start a business, and who is a mother to 2 kids under 2....

I know what it’s like to struggle with fears, beliefs and challenges that are common to business leaders and entrepreneurs.

You and I are responsible for our own livelihood, financial wellbeing and balancing the demands of work-family-personal life. It’s not easy.

And I’m not sure about you, but I’ve found myself getting in the trap of overworking, not honoring myself and feeling alone.

What’s gotten me to turn my challenges into successes and to become the CEO of My Life hasn't been about having the 'right strategy'...

It’s been about growing as a person and human being: evolving how I think, how I act and what I believe is possible.

I've coached hundreds of business leaders from around the world to break through their biggest challenges and create unimaginable success. Join us.

xx TraceyLiv
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Ready to have a thriving business and feel deeply fulfilled in life?

Take the CEO of Your Life Assessment

Receive your 15-page customized report. You'll identify specific blindspots, opportunities and actions you need to focus on so that you can achieve your business and life goals.

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TraceyLiv and our Liv.Lit! Coaches help you break through the struggles and self-limiting behaviors that hold you back so that you can smash your goals and be the CEO of Your Life

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How the CEO of Your Life Assessment Will Help You

We believe that business success or failures are a reflection of your inner growth, self-awareness and ability to constantly evolve.

You will be able to use your scores as a personal guide to move from unconscious and habitual behaviors to making empowered choices to become the CEO of Your Life.

We hope you enjoy taking the assessment and find the insights invaluable on your self-growth journey.

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