What We Believe

We believe that you can think and grow rich.

That you're destined to lead and inspire a tribe.

And that living in your purpose is all part of your sacred contract.

But the only way for you to have an exceptional life is to break the habit of being yourself - and create a new Self.

Of course this isn't just a discreet tribute to the book titles of Napoleon Hill, Seth Godin, Caroline Myss and Joe Dispenza...

We believe it to be true because we live it ourselves.
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Our company is called Liv.Lit! because we believe everyone can
wake up feeling lit up and excited by their life and the work they do.

Meet Tracey Livingston Howard

Hi, I'm TraceyLiv! I'm the co-Founder of Liv.Lit! along with my husband Chris, and I know exactly what it's like to have big dreams but not know how to live the dream.

Prior to founding Liv.Lit! in 2017, I worked in Washington, DC climbing the corporate ladder and getting my Masters Degree in Public Policy: checking all the boxes of what I thought the ‘right path’ to success looked like.

Yet I found myself trapped: trapped in a toxic work environment, with a bad boss, long work hours, and only experiencing glimpses of joy in what I was doing.

To keep me sane, I would wake up at 6am and ride my bike to the coffeeshop to read philosophy and write for my blog before going to work. This gave me glimpses of my purpose and what I was destined to do, even if I wasn't doing it for my career yet.

As luck would have it, this didn't last forever. In 2015 I traveled to London and ended up meeting my future husband and business partner Christopher in a pub!

It turned my life upside down.

We dated long-distance for well over a year and after many wine-induced discussions about how we could bring our lives together, I decided to ignore the vertigo and the fear of the unknown and move to London to start a new life.

And boy did I start a new life!

Being the CEO of My Life

In just four short years:

✓ I co-founded what has became a thriving and financially successful business that is 100% in my purpose,
✓ Am blessed with being a Mom to 2 kids under 2,
✓ Am business partners with my husband,
✓ Live in a foreign country,
✓ and I'm happy. Truly truly happy.

As you can imagine, all this could have been derailed if I didn't get a grip on what was going on inside of me.

My biggest struggles have been to believe in my vision, to get back up when I fell down, to get real with my own limiting beliefs and fears, and to always act on my inner guidance - even when there was no proof any of this would work.

I had to become the person who could hold up the vision and make it happen. I had to become the CEO of My Life.

Out of my extensive training as an ICF accredited coach, certification with Kilmann Diagnostics in Change and Conflict Resolution and having coached thousands of hours with CEOs and Founders from diverse backgrounds, I've developed the Liv.Lit! proprietary CEO of Your Life framework.

This is what my clients and I use daily to achieve success in every area of our lives; no matter what curveball gets thrown at us.

And I personally welcome you to explore the CEO of Your Life Framework and join our network at Liv.Lit!. The world needs more people who wake up feeling lit up and excited by their life and work they do.

xx TraceyLiv

Meet the Team

Co-Founder - Christopher Howard

The man behind the scenes who holds everything together is my husband and co-founder of Liv.Lit! - Christopher Howard. He is the CEO of His Life.

Chris takes care of the overall strategy, marketing, automation analytics, finances and all other operational matters. He has even come to 'mildly enjoy' our company photoshoots - as you can see in the picture to the right!

Liv.Lit! Coaches

The coaching industry is a saturated and confusing market for people looking for a really good coach. We hope that you don't need to look any further.

All of our Liv.Lit! coaches are ICF accredited and have been hand-selected and coached by TraceyLiv. They've coached over 500 hours with CEOs and Founders across industries and countries.

What's most important, though, is that they live and breathe Self-Mastery. Their clients get the results they signed up for and leave satisfied with the person they've become in the process.

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