Pinch me. I've coached and trained hundreds of CEO Founders since 2016 from top companies including YPO, Corporate Connections, LVMH House, CVC Capital Partners. I am recognized as one of the top coaches in the industry.

My mission is to bring exceptional, transformational and life-freakin' changing coaching to the world and am doing that by growing a team of Liv.Lit! coaches (we've tripled in size).

My passion for transforming conflicts has led me to be KD licensed and specialized in conflict resolution and I've trained leaders on-the-ground in Palestine, London, Germany and North America and teams globally... thanks to the internet :)

I am a spiritual director by heart, a passionate motivational speaker and educator and have been featured on stages with the National Geographic, Lonely Planet and Allbright.
Our mission is for CEO Founders to wake up feeling lit up!
and excited by their life and the work they do.

The Living Aligned Assessment™

True success comes when you're Living Aligned

Our clients are successful on paper yet are craving so much more.

By experiencing our renowned Living Aligned Assessment™ and framework, we coach you into alignment to your Self, your power and your genius so that you realize the ultimate is true success and fulfillment. 

In just 10 minutes and 63 questions, you can get a free Living Aligned report that illuminates the strengths and weaknesses of where you are today and what you can leverage to breakthrough into your next-level.

When you take the Assessment you will be invited to go through your report with a Liv.Lit! coach. This is absolutely free for you and a gift to us, too.


Hi, I'm Tracey Livingston Howard and I went from struggling in a corporate job to quitting that job and 10x'ing my life as a coach to clients including LVMH House, CVC Capital Partners, YPO Members and more.

In my first five years of business, I coached thousands of hours with entrepreneurs across 31 countries, had 2 kids under two years old, led conflict trainings across Palestine and London, and lived in 3 countries: England, Germany and Curacao.

Co-Founder (and my husband) Chris quit his corporate job the month after our son Liam was born, and all of our income was resting on the success of Liv.Lit! -- and how quickly I recovered from birth.

The strength of the business, our marriage, our parenting, and our life came from the fact that we worked tirelessly to make choices that were fully in alignment with who we were, what we wanted and where we were going.

It was TOUGH. There was uncertainty. Doubts. Fears. And worries.

Yet Living Aligned has become a way of life for us and our clients, and we could see how this framework actually created success in our lives -- and elevated us further than we could have imagined.

After 4 years of coaching highly successful people, I created the renowned Living Aligned Assessment™ and framework that's the foundation of creating the ultimate levels of success, impact and fulfillment.

I am proud to be an ICF Accredited Coach, a master trainer licensed with Kilmann Diagnostics, hold a Masters in Public Policy and BA in Psychology and BS in Politics, am a Reiki Master, and a lover of running in the heat!!

Please connect with me on Instagram and LinkedIn and book a call to see if coaching together is right for you.

xx Tracey


Christopher Howard, Co-Founder and CFO

Chris is the Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer who takes care of the overall strategy, marketing, automation analytics, finances and operations.

Chris is Tracey's husband and father to their two boys, Liam and Henry. He runs his own strategy consulting firm and does private investing. In his free time he can be found at the Crossfit gym.

Liv.Lit! Coaches

We have grown and brought in two incredible Liv.Lit! coaches who live, breathe and embody our Living Aligned philosophy. Now more than ever we're seeing CEO Founders who trust Liv.Lit! as leaders of exceptional coaching.

We match CEO Founders to a coach depending on needs, goals, time-zones and a variety of reasons.

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