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You're ready to create new levels of success in your business...

But just like learning a new skill; becoming stronger, wiser and more capable as a leader doesn’t happen by default or because you've read the latest book on peak performance.

Achieving your goals is a practice that requires your intention, focus and a willingness to stretch beyond your limits, especially when it's uncomfortable.

If you’ve been looking for a deeply personal, authentic and ‘get to the heart of the matter quickly' experience that will accelerate you to the top of your next mountain, then please explore working with us.
CEO of Your Life Assessment

How Our Programs Work

Your Full-Day Kickoff

Who says a 1-hour session is enough time to reconnect to your vision, purpose and set goals?! Not us.

The start of your program sets the tone for success, which is why we allocate an entire day to the process.

During your Kickoff Day, get ready to dream and imagine. Guided by your coach, you'll get crystal clear on your big picture vision and purpose. You'll see and feel what your life looks like when you're living in success; when everything is exactly as you want it to be.

You will have dropped the confusion and overwhelm, and a number of limiting beliefs in the process and set powerful goals so that you know exactly what you're aiming for during the next 3, 6 or 12 months.

Your emotions will be elevated and you'll feel a real synergy with your coach. Trust us: what comes up during your Kickoff Day will leave both you and your coach feeling as if you've known each other for years!

Your Coaching Sessions

Your coaching sessions will be your favorite 'meeting' on your calendar because it's where you get to unpack everything: the good, the bad, the ugly.

What you'll notice almost immediately is your coach will give you their full presence, use their intuition and help you see and understand things you might not do on your own.

They don't interrupt you, give you advice or make the conversations about them. No, these sessions are fully focused on you. Have you ever experienced that before?

Your coaching sessions are your place to talk about whatever's on your agenda, where you break the habits and beliefs holding you back, and explore the taboos and the fears and the questions you have.

The outcome is that you come back week after week, sharing how you've smashed your goals, called in new and exciting experiences and are loving your life more and more.

Your Liv.Lit! Network

You're not alone in your business anymore. You're not alone with your own thoughts. And you're certainly not acting alone.

In between your sessions, you'll receive ongoing support where you get to speak to your coach whenever you like (via Voxer messaging) and engage, interact and network with your fellow Liv.Lit! business leaders at events - both in-person and online.

Our goal is that you feel connected to others, not separate.

Where you get to ask questions and are given really (really) good answers or ideas back.

And where you feel you're part of a bigger movement: one where everyone is trying to make the world a better place in their own way, and you can feed off that energy and excitement.

Program Options

1-on-1 Coaching with TraceyLiv

Tracey Livingston Howard aka TraceyLiv, is the founder of Liv.Lit! and is an expert at helping purpose-led business leaders accelerate their success and be the CEO’s of their Life.

She has coached hundreds of business leaders from tech to fashion to medicine to overcome the underlying causes of failure and step into success; by understanding themselves and aligning to what matters most to them.

Tracey isn’t like many coaches who give blueprints or tell their clients what to do. In fact, she doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to business.

Tracey gives deep presence to her clients and helps them move past what’s holding them back or limiting their thoughts and actions, such as self-doubt, fears and worries. She asks the right questions and listens deeply, giving them tailored Self-Mastery approaches in each session that will change the game for them.

Our customized approaches meet you where you are and support you to become even more empowered to take charge of your destiny and live life on your terms (and create a ton of Outer Success in the process).
We recommend you start by taking the CEO of Your Life Assessment and then book your Introductory Call.

That way you have your results during the call and we can easily discuss where you are and where you want to be.
Take the CEO of Your Life Assessment

1-on-1 Coaching with a Liv.Lit! Coach

Work with one of our hand-selected Liv.Lit! Coaches who are specialists in our proprietary Liv.Lit! Self-Mastery approach. They live and breathe our ethos and have been intensively coached and trained by TraceyLiv.

Each of our Liv.Lit! Coaches are known for deep, powerful coaching that leaves clients feeling completely new after each session. They’re here to help you achieve your most important goals by tapping into what matters most to you and helping you become the CEO of Your Life.

Gold Standard
Both TraceyLiv and our Liv.Lit! Coaches are accredited with the International Coach Federation, have years of experience coaching business owners and for leaders in companies, and have each completed well over 1,000 coaching hours.
If you’re saying YES to taking the next step, then let’s have a conversation.

Apply for an Introductory Call. Based on your answers we will match you with either TraceyLiv or a Liv.Lit! Coach.      
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We offer 1-on-1 programs ranging from 3-12 months

You will receive our ‘How It Works’ Guidebook once you apply for an Introductory Call,
which includes further information on our programs & pricing.
Apply For Your Intro Call

Kickoff Session

We go through the details of your program, the results in your Assessment, and co-create the agenda for your CEO of Your Life Day.

CEO of Your Life Day

The CEO of Your Life day is the game-changer where we tailor everything around your specific needs and desired outcomes; supported by your Self-Mastery Assessment results and our proprietary framework.

Self-Mastery Sessions

Our twice monthly one-on-one sessions is where the heart of the program lies to support your inner growth, self-mastery and success.

Voxer Access

Access your primary coach weekdays to communicate between sessions for top-up coaching, guidance and immediate feedback when you need it most.

Private Facebook Group

Enjoy engaging with an incredible network of individuals and get access to exclusive resources to catapult your progress.

Complimentary Tickets to Liv.Lit! Events

You’re invited to all virtual and in-person Liv.Lit! events to engage with a like-minded communityand get more breakthroughs you need to be the CEO of Your Life.