Conflict Resolution

Live and Virtual Trainings in
Conflict Resolution

Leading a business is complex, which is why knowing how to manage and transform conflicts can be the single most important skill you can have for business success and personal fulfillment
We are the only KD Licensed company delivering conflict resolution trainings in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Why Great Conflict Resolution Matters

What if one training could change the way you and your team members approached conflict, forever?

Every single day, in business and in your life, you navigate your way through hundreds of conflicts.

How you respond to emails, how you speak to others and how you deal with complex challenges, for example, lay the foundation of how well you perform, how influential you are, and whether or not you’re able to achieve the goals you’ve set out to accomplish.

Conflicts also impact you a personal level; affecting your mental, emotional and spiritual health and whether you feel fulfilment and meaning in your work and life.

Yet, you might not feel like you’re approaching conflicts in the best way possible. It might feel like the conflicts you experience are never-ending, and this is a fair assessment. We want to resolve problems and move forward.
But how? Especially when you’ve tried everything, right?
The best place to start and the fastest way to create change now, is to have an immersive training in conflict resolution.

Within 24 hours of the training, one participant said,
“I’ve done my 3rd  “challenge” since the training - none of which would have happened before that day with you.”
As the only KD Licensed trainer in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, I am extremely passionate at helping leaders “get it” and improve their lives and the successes of their company, immediately.

My expertise is wide, having delivered in-person trainings for companies from London to Washington, DC to Palestine – and have delivered countless virtual trainings for teams around the world.

If you’re looking for a proven approach to supporting you and your leaders confidently navigate the challenges they face and be the CEOs of Their Life– this training is for you.

I recommend we get on a brief call so I can hear more about your needs, share more about the training options and see how I can be of service. Please email me at

Thank you,
Tracey Livingston Howard

Symptoms of Unresolved Conflicts

Not performing at your highest potential
Breakdowns in communication and relationships
constant worry, fear, stress and other challenging emotions
unproductive or negative work culture (even if you're a business of 1)
Absenteeism / Presenteeism
not achieving your goals
Living day-to-day and reactionary
Lack of Innovation or creative ideas

Benefits of the training

Drastically improve interpersonal relationships and communication
Improve company culture
Improve leadership and team dynamics
Increase innovation
Achieve and/or exceed your goals
Address an individual’s emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing
Help yourself and others bring their whole selves to work
And much more.

A Trusted Provider in Conflict Resolution

We are the only KD Licensed organization in Europe, Africa and the Middle East who delivers Kilmann Diagnostics’ Intellectual Property in the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument (TKI) and their material in the 8-tracks of quantum transformation.

It is our greatest intention to help leaders of all levels in an organization become incredible at resolving and transforming conflicts.

Training Options

We offer half-day,1-day and 2-day virtual and in-person training options

Participants will each complete the TKI® Assessment and use their reports throughout the training.

To request a call with Tracey to discuss your needs and learn more about the training, please email her at

A Trusted Provider in Conflict Resolution


Participants will each complete the TKI® Assessment to learn their most and least used conflict styles


average time to complete one TKI assessment and gain immediate self-awareness before the training


download your personalized TKI Report and use it as your guide throughout the live training

Attend Live Training

gain new knowledge, tools and awareness that transform how you manage and approach conflicts
The question is not whether conflict can be avoided; it’s how conflict is dealt with and how to equip yourself and others with better tools, skills and awareness to achieve those positive outcomes.


“I highly recommend Tracey Livingston Howard for inspiring people and organizations to dramatically improve how they manage conflict and change.

Indeed, I have formally licensed Liv.Lit!  to make use of my intellectual property on the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument (TKI) as well as my materials on the eight tracks of quantum transformation—precisely because Tracey so beautifully exemplifies the essential spirit, energy, intention, and skills of what I have created during the past 40 years.

She truly “lives the work” and that’s why she is so effective in helping others develop both the deep understanding and the behavioral skills for bringing about transformational change for the most challenging problems and conflicts. 

- Ralph Kilmann, Founder of Kilmann Diagnostics and co-creator of the TKI conflict Assessment
“It was probably the closest I have ever come to a day of “learning perfection”. The training helped me learn how to pause and think about the best ways to respond that will lead to the best possible outcome. I've already found myself integrating the language about the conflict styles in my day to day. ”

- Clare Derry, Manager at large nonprofit organization
“I realized I was avoiding having an important conversation with my manager. After the training, I found the courage to change my conflict style and address the issue more honestly. The result is that I became the first person in my company who was granted a flexible work policy.”

- Sharlene, Senior Manager at a large global hotel firm