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"What if one conversation could change your life?"

Your business and personal life is complex and moving fast, is it not? You might wake up and be successful on the outside but inside you may be out of step with yourself, not feeling like we're doing a good enough job - and this is exactly the moment to pause.

You're ready to grow, evolve and transform yourself so that you can have everything you dream of in your business and life.

Liv.Lit! is here to support you to transcend what's holding you back, align your head, heart and soul for creative and new ways forward, and celebrate as you hit your goals and dreams as the CEO of Your Life.

About You

You're an Executive, CEO and/or Successful Founder
You have an outrageous vision
You have big ideas and want to change the world
You're spiritual and have a deep spiritual practice
You’re growth-minded and seek personal growth opportunities
You thrive off novelty and new challenges
You love what you do and care deeply about your clients, customers and team

and You want more time doing things you love: with your family, your health, your hobbies & adventures!

Except, you're not where you want to be:

You're alone with your challenges
You find conflicts difficult to handle

Your struggle with your communication and confidence
You're not tapping into or listening to your inner guidance

You don't bring the real YOU to work: you tend to act or people-please
you're struggling to make choices that are fully authentic to you
You're not happy with your work-life balance
you're oN all the time and can't seem to switch off
Coaching is a powerful and transformative approach to getting you off a default future and to start creating (and living) your desired future, today. - Tracey Howard

Our Programs

CEO of Your Life Framework

Incorporate the CEO of Your Life Framework into every facet of your business and life for peak performance and a ton of joy

Coaching Programs

Choose from our 6 or 12 month coaching options, which include: Immersive kickoff days, 1:1 sessions, voxer access, and more
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Training Plans

All clients take the TKI Assessment and receive training in Conflict Resolution. 12-month clients take the Enneagram Assessment
Learn about our Conflict Resolution training


Get the accountability you're craving and stay on track with our complete 90-day, mid-program and final day check-ins

A Word from Tracey Howard

I'm obsessed with the power of coaching.

But I might be even more obsessed with spiritual guidance as a tool for transformation there's nothing more powerful than using your Higher Guidance to chart your way forward.

My clients include: CEOs, GCs, YPO Members, Google Startup/Accelerator Founders, tech companies, large fashion conglomerates, and more.
Where and who do you want to be in the next 6 months - and how can I support you to get there?

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You Experience the Complete
CEO of Your Life Framework

We believe that you are limitless and when you drop what's not serving you and start to follow your inner guidance - you become unshakeable and unstoppable.

When you're living in alignment: when your performance is thriving, you're handling conflicts effectively, you're communicating clearly and confidently, you're following your higher guidance - then you're vibrating at such a level that you're guaranteed to realize the goals and dreams you have for yourself.

At Liv.Lit! we're parents to two young sons (ages 2.5 and 1!) and know first-hand that business success without family, health, hobbies and FUN - is just not acceptable.

This is why we bring to you the very best in coaching, conflict resolution, communication - and infuse it with spiritual guidance so that you, the client, can transcend your mind and body and reach heightened levels of awareness, peak performance and clarity that underpin all your actions.

If you're loving what you're reading, please start by taking the CEO of Your Life Assessment or request an Intro Call with us.

We do not do any sales or discussing our programs on this call because we really just want to meet you, say hi, get to know you and dive into all of your dreams and goals before figuring out what to do next. Let's freakin' go!

xx Tracey and the Liv.Lit! team
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