Being Resilient is Critical for Business and Life Success

Tutorial Video on Resilience: Your Personal Power

Are you resilient enough to survive troughs of challenges that get in your way? Resilience is the lifeblood of the domain of self-mastery. Without resilience, you cannot be an outstanding leader or achieve your outer success. To be the CEO of Your Life, you have to consistently develop your muscle of resilience and the ability to be adaptable. Are you up for the challenge? 

Problems people face by scoring LOW in this domain:

  • You’re afraid of uncertainties and taking risks. 
  • You’re not adaptable enough when you run through challenges. 
  • You take time to bounce back when facing rejections or failures. 
  • You push down your emotions without learning the lessons behind your setbacks. 

Successes people experience by scoring HIGH in this domain: 

  • You’re highly adaptable when encountering challenges and failures. 
  • You unpack your emotions and understand the lessons behind your setbacks. You asked yourself: “What is this meant to teach me?”
  • You often ask yourself the right questions such as “Why did this didn’t work out?” or “What do I need to change to be better at this?”
  • You’re excellent at dissociating others’ negative energy while maintaining your own energy level throughout the day. 

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