The Heart's Role In Instant, Big Manifestations

"We need to be intimate with our own interior, to know our needs, wishes, fears, boundaries, and hopes." - Anodea Judith

I'd love for you to take a few minutes immersed in the contents of this article; to connect to yourself, get inspired by new thoughts and ideas, and feel fired up to live your absolute wildest dreams (on your terms).



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When I'm coaching, I'm very interested to move someone out of their thinking brain and into their Heart.

Why? Because I witness over and over that successful entrepreneurs access an intelligence seemingly out of nowhere - without thought - to make decisions that lead directly to the goals they're after.

IN a sense, they seem to just know what to do - without analyzing or reading about it or talking about it for weeks and weeks - whilst everyone else is scrambling for data and proof before coming to the same decision.

This is the power of the Heart in motion - as well as our spiritual sides and our gut instincts.

From a Chinese Medicine perspective, the Heart is where we can access and receive clear hits of truth and guidance.

This intelligence allows us to have a direct path to instant epiphanies, decisions, and answers on what to do.

As you can see, conversations about the Heart are NOT woo-woo. Or soft.

Your physical and energetic heart is literally one of the most badass parts in your body!

  • The mind thinks (and takes a long time)
  • The heart knows (and is instantaneous)

We know that the brain is a record of the past. Which is why we should NOT be using the brain/mind to chart our way forward.

To chart your way forward, it's time to move down into your interior, into the Heart.

Emotions and organs in the body

In Episode 7 I share that in Chinese Medicine, every organ in our body has an associated emotion with it.

When client's have anxiety, I know it's associated to their stomach.

  • They likely aren't stomaching the choices they're making.
  • Or digesting their emotional signals.
  • Or processing everything going on in their life before moving to the next to-do.

When I find that myself or others aren't waking up lit up and excited by their life and the work they do, I go to the issues of the Heart.

In Chinese Medicine the emotion of the heart isn't love, it's JOY.

And in today's society, joy seems to be an elusive and absent feeling for many of us.

We go about our day with little to no real joy. We lack enjoyment. We don't feel our heart is in our work. We do things out of duty or responsibility and cut ourselves off from the energy of the Heart.

In essence, we close our hearts in favor of safety, security, fear, whatever.

I'm here to tell you: your Heart knows exactly what will bring you joy and enjoyment and enthusiasm in your work and life. Your heart has very clear guidance on the next-right-step to take towards bringing that ideal into reality.

And in Episode 7, I talk more about how to access it.


Exercise to Get a Hit of Guidance from your Heart

  • Clasp your hands together so that you can feel your heartbeat. Focus on the incredible power of your heart to pump so powerfully and circulate your blood to every part of your body.
  • Go sit down next to your beating heart. Imagine yourself sitting down next to your Heart. Say hello to your heart, and relax.
  • Ask your heart, What do you want me to know in this moment? Listen to the very simple and clear answer. Answers can range from "I'm tired" to "you're doing a great job" -- tune in, whatever your heart says is something you need to hear right now.
  • Say thank you. Thank your heart for sharing. Let it know you're listening. And that you can really use some guidance on how to move your life towards your most important goals and dreams.


Your heart is your power center because working and living in your JOY is what is going to spark your greatest successes, accomplishments, and be the seat of all your fulfillment.

I know this because I enjoy every single day of my life. When I don't, I listen to my heart and I pivot.

If you're ready to have your Heart in everything you do -- start with today.

  • What could bring you to a state of joy?
  • Make your heart feel full and alive?
  • Bring love and gratitude into your awareness?

Email me at and let me know what you'd be doing today (or in the near future) if you allowed your Heart - and not your head - to guide and lead.

Thank you for your precious time in joining me this morning and I'll see you on the podcast this week -- and via email next Saturday.

xx Tracey


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