My Favorite Coaching Question To Spark Inspired Action

There is literally SO much untapped potentials floating around you and all of us right now.


Are you aware of what's knocking -- ahem trying to kick down -- your door?

Or are your eyes on the floor? Focused on what is versus what's possible??

I know you're here because you believe you're a limitless creator.

Someone who can make something out of nothing.

Someone who runs their business to make a massive difference in the world.

If you're ready to tap into the unlimited potentials available to you -- without having to BE more, keep reading.

Let's pretend I'm coaching you right now

Sit up straight and put your feet on the floor.

Get your eyes off of your reality and what is.

What is has manifested because of what you thought, felt and did yesterday.

Change your focus to what's possible out there.

You are capable of manifesting the exact experiences, successes and wins you crave.

SO I'm going to ask you one question.

Are you ready?

What if it were easy?

What if it were easy?

Pick the thing you want to happen.

Maybe you want to clear 20 meetings off your calendar the rest of the week.

Maybe you want a sold-out launch or event or program.

Maybe you want to actually feel happy and not pretend you're happy.

What if it were easy?

Because there is a fast-track option.

There is a holy sh** that manifested quick!, route.

There is an easy route.

And instead of wanting an answer immediately (hello, ego)....

Wait for the quiet whispers to come in.

And when one potential makes itself known to you and it lights you up - SPRINT in that direction.

No doubting. No hesitating. No fears. No excuses.

Go. Sprint. Create. Have fun.

You'll thank me later.

Email me at and let me know if you're feeling the energy and untapped potentials swirling in right now!

Are you full of inspiration or more overwhelmed by all the potentials?

Are you full of ideas but struggling to make a firm decision on something?

Are all of your ideas the same, boring stuff and you want to really be blown out of the water?

Talk to me. Maybe that's your next right action.

xx Tracey

PS this email was really fun to write. And I wrote it in about 15 minutes. The first email I started to write you guys was stiff and boring. It wasn't easy. So I stopped. Re-centered. And called in easy.

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