Can you coach yourself?

I was listening to a coach training with Marcia Reynolds, past global President of the ICF, and she blew my mind when she said:

Sadly, we cannot coach ourselves.

Why can't we coach ourselves? She said that if we're searching for an answer or an epiphany, we are searching for it from our thinking minds and powerful unconscious.

We are trying to get there via the highway of our typical thoughts, beliefs, stories, assumptions, and feelings.

Progress will be very slow, and results will be limited, if we just stay within our own realm of thinking.

And wow, you don't want that, do you?! It sounds like a nightmare!

What you're wanting

  • You want one powerful hit that's going to get you to take action now.
  • You want one big insight that's going to get you to re-write the entire executive meeting's agenda.
  • You want one big breakthrough that's going to finally release the inner critic after decades of torment.

Want to coach with me in 2023?

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Lots of love,

xx Tracey

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