Do you have 1 person to REALLY talk to?

I've been reflecting a lot since I held my two courses & trainings in London last week. One was about exploring the Ego & Soul, and the other was about understanding the 5 styles of conflict -- and how to be better at creating positive changes in business and life.

What struck me was this: most, if not all of the people in the room, were so grateful for a space that gave them the ability to express themselves, to talk about deep issues, to go deep with other people and to just be themselves.

One participant came to me in tears and said, "I came here ready to take notes for my organization, but I'm leaving feeling like I had a cheat day. I completely indulged in things that mattered most to me and explored myself on a deeper level. Thank you."

It's interested to think that powerful conversations are an indulgence. And it reminded me of an article I read a long time ago that I highly encourage you to check out -- Saving the Lost Art of Conversation.

I feel more than ever, that people need to be able to have deep conversations.

They need to have 1 or 2 people they can call on to talk about absolutely anything: worries, fears, spiritual moments, crisis, breakthroughs, philosophy, sex, romance, and all of the taboo things we keep hush hush.

I've got my conversation people on lockdown: My incredible Coach Marie Quigley, My kick*** Spiritual Director Rose Boghos, My husband Christopher, and a few informal mentors who regularly go the extra mile for me.

So, who can you call on to have real conversations? To talk about your life, your purpose, your biggest challenges, your fears, your needs?

If you can't think of anyone -- I recommend you make it your top priority to identify someone who can be there for you. A coach. A mentor. A spouse/friend/colleague.

Someone who can hold the space for you so that you can unpack whatever needs to be unpacked. So that you can more fully step into and embrace the joys & wonders of this thing called life.

Lots of love.