Do you struggle with being yourself, at work and in business?

Tutorial Video on The Self: Your Identity

Are you really the ‘real’ you? Under all of the things you believe you should be; what your family, friends, and society expect you to be, where’s the real you? As an entrepreneur and a leader, you possess a plethora of identities because of the many hats that you wear in your career and life. When you’re honest with yourself and live your life authentically, you are on the right track to be the CEO of Your Life!

Problems people face by scoring LOW in this domain:

  • You have no connection with yourself – you’re self-critical, and you dislike yourself. 
  • You’re not portraying your true self and are influenced by other’s opinions. 
  • You lack self-confidence, self-esteem and the ability to be authentic in your business and every other domain. 

Successes people experience by scoring HIGH in this domain: 

  • You connect with yourself by owning what you truly WANT to be, not what others expect you to be. 
  • You’re introspective and regularly asked yourself questions such as “How can I be myself?”, “Is this my truth?” or “Is this something I want to get my energy involved?”
  • People are often drawn and attracted to your aura as you’re exuding your true self. They believe in your story, brand and yourself as a leader. 

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