Why don't I want to move back to the USA? And other existential questions

My heart has been opening lately.

When I flew back from NYC last week, I cried for an hour on the plane realizing the magnitude of my life.

Literally, I cried for an hour. Staring out the window. Blowing my nose. Thanking the universe that no one had to awkwardly sit next to me as I lost my shit lol.

I wasn't sad at all. I was releasing something big. Something I could finally get off my chest....

I no longer lived in my home country, the United States. Nor did I live in any of the home countries of my husband, Chris (England and Germany).

But the real kicker was that right now, I do not want to live in my home country or the countries of my husband.

If I had the chance to move to the US tomorrow, I wouldn't choose to go.

And I was crying because I really truly understood why.

For the last decade or so, when I get intuitive hits or ideas or guidance like "move to Curacao" or "get pregnant" or "reach out to this person", I Do Not Hesitate. I act.

Please hear me, I Do Not Hesitate to act on what I know inside to be truth.

And what I mean by I Do Not Hesitate, is that my energy system is clear and when I hear a big hit, I act on it.

Over the last decade I deeply learned that I do not have *control* over the bigger plan or direction of my life.

That I do not have the final destination. I do not have "the plan". I do not have some master strategy.

So when I come back to why I don't want to live in the USA right now, I turn my focus on a better question. Why am I meant to be living on this tiny little island in the Caribbean? How come I'm here? Walking these streets? Living in this culture? Meeting these people?

And the answer is always simple: because it's where you're meant to be right now.


Existential questions will explode your universe.

If you're struggling with something or facing a huge challenge or are at a crossroads in your life, you can find solace that maybe, just maybe, you're meant to be experiencing this.

So for today, make it an intention to get into a deep loving, trusting relationship with your Self.

Start talking to yourself. Have time alone. Let yourself cry. Connect back inward to get the answers to the meaning of your life.

From that place I promise you will find peace in why your life is the way it is, what you're meant to be learning, and where you're going.

I love you.

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xx Tracey

CEO, Co-Founder and Master Coach with Liv.Lit!

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