Welcome to Saturday Mornings! Exploring the Rebel

What triggers the rebel is the need to experience the freedom that doesn’t exist.

- Caroline Myss [READ HERE]

Welcome to the first edition of Saturday Mornings!  This is still the same email list [Tracey Liv / Liv.Lit! Coaching] but with a different name, intention, and focus.  

Before I get into that, can you write down your answer to this question real quick...?

What is something in your business [or life] that you've been hesitating to make a decision on or act on ...

because you know it would require you to change many other aspects of your life too?

Think about it for a second and write it down. It should come to you very quickly.

I ask because any successful and fulfilling business and life experiences regular shaking up and changing and evolving.

Just when we reach one summit, it can feel like we're called to summit 13 more [WATCH HERE].

This holds many people back  -- it's not the idea itself -- it's dealing with the chaos of everything that implementing the big idea will impact.

It's Rebelling from the status quo.

A rebel doesn't do small things; they create massive freedom and liberation in the process.

This is what happened to me.

Creating the Life On Your Terms podcast was deeply in alignment with me, and yet I hesitated for over a year to actually DO it because of how much it was going to have me rethink about my business, messaging, clientele, and way of working.

But ultimately that decision brought really, really positive and good changes.

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For example, I knew that podcast listeners would enjoy the breakthroughs and ideas and realizations they get, but will want to know "what's the next right step? How can I bring what I heard into my life?".

So with the launch of the podcast, I used my email list to create Saturday Mornings to easily accompany it.

That's the message for you today: that your one idea is BIG precisely because you are meant to become bigger. Making the change is vital and necessary SO THAT YOU refresh and upgrade and improve all areas of your life at the same time.


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Today I want you to really ask yourself, "what decision, change, or action have I been hesitating to make because I'm worried of having to deal with the consequences and everything else it's going to require me to do?"

Truly, truly ask. Write it down. Get it visible. Get it out of you.

For me, it was launching the podcast. What's yours?

Give it a voice, give it the spotlight, and put it on paper. Then let your thoughts flow. Just let it all out of you.

I know from many years of coaching that we imagine things worse in our minds than they are in reality. We make things bigger than they are. We play tricks on ourselves.

Write down that idea you have. And just let it simmer.

Maybe it's time to finally decide to rebel from the status quo you're living and get started on that great idea of yours...?

Please email me at tracey@livlitceo.com to let me know what it is. I love hearing from people for the first time and I personally respond to every email I receive.

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And thank you for being part of my business evolution, it's all for you.

xx Tracey


Co-Founder and International Coach at Liv.Lit! Coaching and Training

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