I'm looking for five people

I'm looking for five people who have a wildly important goal or lifestyle change they want to reach in the next 90 days.

Five people who are aiming at something important that will bring in more - money, time, impact, fulfilment, health, alignment, purpose, joy, authenticity - into their life.

If you've got something big pulling you ahead for the next 90 days, email me at tracey@livlitceo.com with the phrase "I DO!" and I'll send you a private email more details on a potential opportunity that I think you'll love.

That's all I can share for now. Allow your curiosity to do the thinking.

Please email me at tracey@livlitceo.com :)

xx Tracey

Co-Founder and Master Coach with Liv.Lit! Coaching and Training

PS 'Life On Your Terms' airs on June 28 on Apple and Spotify