Elon Musk, Twitter and the Great Inquisition of Free Speech

Elon Musk bought twitter yesterday for $44 billion on the grounds that “free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy”, and thus started a great inquisition.

Throughout history, free speech was marked primarily with tombstones.

Jesus was burned on the cross because of his radical preaching’s.

Galileo was prosecuted for his discovery and support of heliocentrism, that the Earth and planets revolve around the Sun.

And the great philosopher Socrates was sentenced to drink poison due to charges of corruption and impiety.

Free speech has nearly always been seen as a threat to civilization.

But does Elon Musk see something many of us don’t? Could losing free speech be the real threat to civilization?

What is free speech?

Free speech is: “the freedom of an individual or community to articulate their opinions and ideas without fear of retaliation, censorship, or legal sanction.”

It’s chiseled into the First Amendment of the US Constitution and is a recognized human right in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Free speech isn’t just a philosophy or ideology, it is meant to be a physical practice.

What I’m not talking about here

Harmful, abusive or traumatic language dubbed as free speech is an entirely separate conversation.

Words do create physical harm.

In Naomi Wolf’s book Vagina, harmful language towards a female’s body, such as targeting her vagina, creates measurable changes in her brain and visible, anatomical changes in her body.

Bessel van der Kolk’s book The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind and Body in the Healing of Trauma directly links verbal abuse and trauma to illness, disease and mental health challenges.

The kind of free speech that I’m assuming (possibly incorrectly) from Elon Musk is the freedom to allow truth to emerge.

The freedom to allow all ideas and opinions to come forward into the arena of free speech.

Start meddling with free speech, and a deep chasm is created in civilization.

Why is it SO HARD to practice real, free speech?

Humanity has a collective throat-chakra blockage. I see it across hundreds of clients in my coaching practice and in the widespread trainings I’ve done in conflict resolution.

Although a closed throat-chakra is easily spotted in society everywhere.

Go ahead, touch your throat right now. This is your powerhouse of where you freely or not so freely speak your truth, share your opinions, utter unpopular ideas, be honest, be truthful to yourself, and just be real.

Hard to do, right?

Humanity has learned to survive by closing their throat chakras.

We are told in Brene Brown’s book Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone that “to stand alone with yourself in the wilderness is the bravest and most sacred place to stand”.

And then Mark Twain follows up with a home run of exactly WHY we’re terrified to go into the wilderness alone…

In The Privilege of the Grave, Mark said that, “Murder is sometimes punished, free speech always – when committed. Which is seldom. ”


We’ve learned that it’s best to shut up and belong to the tribe rather than belong to ourselves.

Learning how to belong to ourselves, to belong to our own unique truths, to speak freely, even if it takes extraordinary courage and bravery – is our biggest spiritual lesson of this era.

We have a crisis of energetic murder

While Jesus, Galileo and Socrates were all physically killed for speaking their truth, it’s a little different in Western Culture these days.

In 2022 what is much more common is energetic murder of a person’s opinion or idea.

A person is left physically intact however after uttering an unpopular idea or opinion, society kicks in and energetically murders them through acts such as: canceling, censorship, mass job firings, school closures, jailing’s, and exclusion communities and families they once belonged to.

Free speech is in a huge double-bind: damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

However there’s a way out of this double-bind, it’s called self-esteem (but that’s for another article).

Alright so who is the harbinger of ‘truth’? Who gets to energetically murder people?

Really ask yourself: who holds the truth? Who holds the power? Who holds the fire?

Is it God? The universe? The American government? The CDC? A southern preacher?

These are great philosophical questions when engaging in the free speech arena.

Answer: the 5D universe holds absolute, universal truths – these are called spiritual laws.

In the 3D human realm? We are probably like Socrates, we know nothing – desperately trying to know the truth so we don’t feel so damn uncomfortable.

When truth is bigger than the collective consciousness

Jesus, Gailileo and Socrates were harbingers of truths – just not when they were alive.

Their evolved and awakened ideas were simply too big and profound for their societies to grapple with.

So they were deemed as heretics, and killed.

And that’s precisely the sticky part of free speech.

Sometimes the unpopular opinions of our era are demarcated as misinformation or “lies” because the psyche and consciousness of humanity hasn’t quite caught up to them yet.

Every individual reaches truths in their own time. And truth for one person is often radically different for another.

Humans are messy. Which is why free speech is messy.

Who’s responsible for Twitter?

You are responsible. You’re responsible for your Instagram or TikTok or Facebook feed.

You are responsible for what you read, learn, think, discover. You are responsible for going through a dark night of the soul or a sexual awakening or an epiphany moment that pulls the rose-colored glasses right off your eyes.

You are responsible for continuously struggling to discover truth.

And I’d recommend you do everything you can to stay on the yellow brick road and not drift off to sleep in bed of poppies.

Stay awake.

This is the Great Awakening.

When Elon Musk bought Twitter, he committed an action far greater than himself.

Personally, I’ve never met Elon and know nothing about him. What I do know is that he was convicted enough to stand alone in the wilderness for our collective birthright for freedom of speech.

He will inevitably err at times. He will mess up. He will faulter. He won’t be perfect.

Just like you. Just like me.

Our lesson is to get our eyes off Elon Musk and back onto ourselves.

     1.     How will you engage with your own freedom of speech?

     2.     How will you work to stop self-censoring your opinions and ideas?

     3.     How will you have more grace, respect and compassion for people who are on a different page than you?

That is your inquisition and your great awakening.

We need you, desperately. Share your truths as they stand right now. Speak your mind. Write your ideas down. Open your throat chakra.

And for you Mr. Elon Musk, I salute you.

Your action didn’t cost $44 billion – it was priceless.

Email me at tracey@livlitceo.com and share your ideas and opinions. I love hearing them.

Xx Tracey Livingston Howard

Co-Founder and CEO, Liv.Lit!