Get out of your Head and into your Soul (Success is an inner game)

“There is a wisdom inside your soul that must be tapped into
so that your outer reality can reflect your inner radiance."
- Sahara Rose

We're shifting into the energy of the Fall, and it's an important point in the year to pause and reflect.

And I don't mean pause and reflect in your Head, I mean to go deeper into reflecting with your Soul's wisdom.

You see most people, experience fleeting moments of reflecting through the Soul and then jump back into their Head - a habit that can be broken in time.

You don't want your Head to do your Soul's work. It's not sustainable for business and the kind of extraordinary life you're creating.

If you don't believe me, I heard this same quote from two successful entrepreneurs who 'have it all' on the outside - bringing in millions of revenue - on their coaching calls this week...

"I appreciate the time to self reflect. I wouldn't have done it otherwise."

They took 1-hour to get out of their Head, reflect and tap back into the Soul.

  • The Soul knows the fastest and easiest way to success.
  • How to be in a state of gratitude and eagerness for what's next.
  • And exactly what you can do to jump up timelines to impact more people, now.

To self reflect = the soul's wisdom.

To quiet the Head and feel a moment of peace = the soul's wisdom.

But how can you do that, right now, today?

My Favorite 2 Minute Journaling Exercise to Get In Touch with My Soul's Wisdom

24 Hours of Proof: Grab a pen and paper and fill up one page to the prompt: In the last 24 hours, write down all the small and big wins that happened in your business and life. All of the things that are PROOF that things are going your way, such as:

  • Had two deep and incredible coaching calls with xxx and xxx clients!
  • I am taking Aligned Action! It felt good
  • xxxx company said YES to 6 months coaching!

Email me at and drop me a few lines from your 24 hours of proof.


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xx TraceyLiv

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