Here's How Anger Can Get You To The Next Level

On a phone call this week, I was recommended to check out the Fuck This, I Quit! Reddit page.

And I'm sharing it with you because ya'll, I'm having a moment.

I'm angry.

Anger is brilliant because it'll slap the rose-colored glasses right off your face:

  1. It means I. AM. DONE. with operating at this level of business and life AND asks us to take full ownership of how the heck we got here
  2. From one second to the next, you can stop being nice: Stop tolerating nonsense, excuses, and stories from yourself and others
  3. You're not welcome to go on a clearing rampage:
  4. You can clear out people (and social media accounts) that aren't serving your highest good or pulling you up 10 levels
  5. You can clear out activities that don't light you up or that keep you small
  6. You can immediately call in NEW energy that's going to skyrocket you forward: hello business masterminds, events, groups of people wildly successful
  7. You will know what it feels like to tap into your power, strength and inner knowing that you are destined to do great things

If you're not channeling the power of anger you are literally holding yourself back from your next level of business success.

So come on, wake up!! What's the anger telling you to do RIGHT NOW??

If you've been repressing anger or pushing down frustration or feeling annoyed that things aren't working out for you, it's time to get angry.

Like, really angry.

And start riding the wave of change from a seat of absolute knowing, trust and guidance.

It's how I manifest anything I want.

And holy shit, I can't wait to see what I manifest next. How about you?

Email me at to let me know if you're having an Angry moment. What're you gonna do with it, is my question?!

xx Tracey

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