If you're not growing, you're dying [is your personal growth plan effective?]

"Work harder on yourself than you do on your job." - Jim MF'ing Rohn

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Personal growth - not some master strategy - is the key to success. Why?

Because when we're growing, we're expanding what's possible.

We are more: effective, persuasive, attractive, visionary, congruent, alive, joyful... the list goes on people!

When we stay the same version of us - doing the same thing over and over expecting different results -  life will 100% stay the same. Or decline.

As Tony Robbins says, "if you're not growing, you're dying."

I hear a lot is people saying they love growth, but haven't committed to the process.

They listen to some podcasts. They write in their journal occasionally. They hear feedback in business.

I would say people are learning but unless that learning is actively applied, they're not growing.

So, how do you know you're growing, and not just learning?

Here are 6 signs I see from my coaching chair that a person is growing:

  1. You make more money, have more time freedom, hit your goals, have more success
  2. You take bigger risks and find yourself out of your comfort zone frequently
  3. It takes less time to do things you used to delay (handle conflict, make a decision, take action)
  4. Your relationships (business, partner, kids) get way better and you easily drop people who aren't adding to your life
  5. You feel more whole: you're fulfilled, more present, relaxed, confident about your life as it is right now
  6. You show up more and more as your Real Self; unfiltered, congruent, authentic, completely you

A Case Study: The Overworked Entrepreneur

To see huge changes in your success and life, personal growth cannot be a few minutes a day. It needs to be a very active and intentional part of your day -- As important as a meeting with a client.

In my episode Overscheduling Is Why You're Hitting A Ceiling, I talk about how many people hit a ceiling in business because of one thing: they fill their calendars up. Be honest, might that be you?!

The 10-12 hour day, frantic actions that got them here aren't going to get them there. They need space. Free time. And f*** it, they need to RELAX in order to get those big and bold ideas on how to get to their next level.

The part where they break the habit of overscheduling their time is the target of personal growth.

Their overscheduling could also be coming from unconscious motivations to be needed, wanted, validated, always a 'yes' person, and so forth.

Until I coach someone (or until you get very honest with your self awareness) I cannot know their specific reasons why they do the habit.

All we know is that they've got a big goal -- more money, expansion, growing their business -- and it's not going to come from better strategy or hiring a team.

Let me scream it out loud: making EXTERNAL changes is not going to change your INTERNAL.

Hiring a team doesn't mean they'll delegate or won't just fill their time with other things.

What this person needs is greater self awareness, self compassion, a life audit of their goals, needs and values, and permanent behavioral change.

Easy, right? (Well yes, sometimes it takes just 15 minutes on a call to make this happen).

Where can you start? Have you taken my Living Aligned Assessment?

I always recommend people do an audit of their life to see exactly where they are (and where to go).

Self-awareness is KEY!

This is why I created the Living Aligned Assessment; 62 questions to help people see exactly how aligned and on-purpose they are in their business and personal life, and 2) what personal growth areas to focus and improve on to rapidly reach their goals and live life on terms.

Why not take it this weekend? For five people who take the Living Aligned Assessment this weekend, I'll add on a 60 minute call with me to go through the results and create a plan of action moving forward.

I'd love to support you go from listening to the podcast, to taking the assessment, and making huge changes in your business and life.

Please email me at tracey@livlitceo.com and let me know the one area of personal growth you've been wanting to work on. And why it's so important to you right now. I'd love to reply back with some ideas and have an exchange with you.

Thank you for your precious time in joining me this morning and I'll see you on the podcast this week -- and via email next Saturday.

xx Tracey


Co-Founder and International Coach at Liv.Lit! Coaching and Training

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