How will your finances be impacted in Q4 of 2022?

                                                       Making Informed Decisions in Times of Financial Turmoil

                                                                                        October 13 at 11:00am EDT

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How will your finances (company and personal) be impacted in Q4 of 2022?

Are you worrying about how the turmoil in the financial and economic landscape is going to affect your P&L sheet?

Are you wanting to know how to predict and make more informed financial decisions right now?

We know the alarm bells are ringing.

We know it can be daunting to lead right now.

You rely on your own financial and economic understanding and people close to you to help you make informed decisions.

The stakes are high. Let us support you further.

Join us on October 13 for a breakthrough class in financial decision-making and planning; with a focus on North America and Europe/UK.

Chris Howard, the first guest speaker in the Liv.Aligned series, will tell you why he recommends we stop reading the news and listening to the media narratives (or The Fed) if we want to make informed financial decisions about our companies.

And where to go instead. This video sums up the ethos of what Chris will share pretty well.

About Chris and the Class

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Year-to-date, Chris had earned double-digit returns in some of the most volatile markets in history.

In comparison, sadly many people have lost up to 30% of their retirement account funds, and many companies are stressing about what to do with the energy crisis or impact to consumer purchasing power in the coming months.

We know you have your own unique concerns, challenges, and questions right now.

We want your success.

In this class Chris is going to:

  • highlight where he personally goes for information,
  • give an overview of how he makes financial decisions, and
  • will leave ample time for Q&A for your specific situations.

This is an extremely important conversation for leaders and people wanting to maintain and sustain (or at least not lose) their financial health in 2022.

Click here for the full class descriptions and info about our guest speakers.

Why wouldn't we see you on this free, live class on October 13?!

I love you, let's go.

xx Tracey

CEO, Co-Founder and Master Coach with Liv.Lit!

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