How bad do you want it?

HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT? It's so easy to take a quick scan of my life and think we magically popped on this Caribbean island with little effort involved.

That's not how big dreams work.

How it actually happened was the photo on the right:

· Both Chris and I quittingthe 9-5 and starting a business
· Multiple visa and foreignresidence applications
· Registering two birthsabroad
· Applying for four passports(USA + German) and two SSN cards abroad
· Finding good medicaltreatment and immunizing my kids across three countries
· Getting foreign criminalrecord reports
· Applying to multipledaycares
· Tens of thousands of dollars
· Way too many hours spentcircling immigration offices, consulates, notaries and banks
· Coaching session with mycoach Marie Quigley ICF MCC, EMCC ESIAAccredited Coach Supervisor crying from sheer
  exhaustion, burnout, andstress

What's clear is that small dreams require small effort.

And big dreams require big effort.

Disclaimer: We Need More than Motivation to Achieve Our Goals

I've been obsessed with Lisa Lahey's work on Immunity to Change (Watch this video!!), because she says that "motivation", meaning "I'm motivated to change this" is not sufficient enough to get us to change or achieve our goals.

In fact, a motivation-model rarely works even when we're facing life and death decisions.

Lisa's research finds that we struggle to do the things we want to do because there are other, hidden goals and assumptions that are driving our behaviors.

We may have a hidden goal to be completely secure, or to maintain our status, or to be seen as strong. We have very real commitments to make sure we maintain these goals, and this gets in the way of us making progress towards our bigger goals that we have.

Create an Immunity to Change Process Map with Me

If you have a big dream or goal you want to achieve, and are struggling or stalling to make progress towards it on your own...

I've started doing the Immunity to Change Process Map with my clients and would be happy to do a session on this with you on this, too.

Instead of long 3 and 6 month coaching programs, I'm now working with people on a monthly retainer basis to give you flexibility on how much coaching you want and need.

Book a 30-minute coaching session today and let's talk about what you need and want to make powerful progress towards your goals.

The world is your oyster.

For today, I'll be enjoying it on the beach 🏝

Have a wonderful Friday.

xx Tracey

Co-Founder and Master Coach with Liv.Lit! Coaching and Training

PS If you're stalling or struggling to make progress towards your biggest dreams and goals, book a 30-minute coaching session and let's see how I can support you get there