How to Be the 'CEO of Your Life'

Tutorial Video on Alignment: Being The ‘CEO of Your Life’ 

Have you ever felt that something is missing in your life despite your external achievements? When you live in complete alignment with who you are and what you love to do, you’re the CEO of Your Life. But, if you’re still in a job you dislike, or are settling for ‘good enough’ money or ‘good enough’ relationships, you are not entirely in alignment. Our mission at Liv. Lit! is to help you BE the CEO of Your Life and have a life you love. Alignment is critical to making this happen.

Problems people face by scoring LOW in this domain:

  • Are unsatisfied with your career and life choices. 
  • Are unaware of the purpose of your talent and gifts. 
  • You follow conventional norms because you fear the uncertainties of taking risks.
  • You make choices based on other people’s opinions, not what you truly want.

Successes people experience by scoring HIGH in this domain: 

  • You’re completely in your purpose with your career and life choices.
  • You create outer success, such as money and impact, by doing what you love. 
  • You work hard towards achieving your goals, and you feel that you’re making a difference in your life and career. 
  • Aware of maintaining alignment for the rest of your life and are actively the CEO of Your Life.

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