How to stop feeling so stressed and anxious

Be the CEO of Your Life with Emotions: Your Inner Compass

Did you know that how you feel is directly linked to your performance, how well you focus, your choices and decisions, how much you enjoy your life, and the kind of opportunities and successes you experience?!

Problems people face by scoring LOW in this domain are:

  • Experiencing burnout, sickness, insomnia and chronic health issues
  • Waking up and not enjoying the work you do 
  • Reacting to people and situations with outbursts of anger, fear, blame, resentment
  • When you hit your goals, the excitement of that success is very short-lived or you jump over the ‘win’ and move on to the next task

Successes people experience by scoring HIGH in this domain: 

  • You’re operating at your highest potential
  • You can get to your vision and goals a lot faster
  • Your relationships are amazing
  • You’ll opt to take a day off or have a long, rejuvenating holiday to rest and rejuvenate instead of getting sick and being forced to “stop” 
  • You’ll celebrate your wins, feel good and be in a perpetual state of happiness than most 😊

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