How to stop quitting at the wrong time

Spring is just around the corner and it's time to clean out our closets...

  • How many half-done projects are lying around unfinished in your business, in your home, and in your mind?
  • Are you working on something that you would quit if you don't get 'enough' (people registered, recognition, money, gratification)?
  • Do you have too many projects on your plate, keeping you busy with watered-down results v focused & successful?

If so, tread lightly!

By starting a project and then quitting at the wrong time -- we may be constantly sabatoging our long-term success.

Starting and quitting has widespread implications: we can waste so much time and money, create a lack of trust with ourselves and others, and we are circumventing the learning we'd get by sticking to the project until the end.

Seth Godin is one of my heros and he has a brilliant 20 minute talk entitled, People Quit at the Wrong Time. Here's my fav excerpt:

  • What I argue for is a really simple thing: Don't start anything unless you've invested what it's gonna take to finish it.
  • I'm not talking about hobbies, I'm talking about projects. Don't start a project unless you're prepared to go to the end.
  • For me, I START writing 10 books a year, but I mash around with them and I play around with them and I don't tell anyone about them and then one day, one of them is the "next book",
  • and I've never failed to finish a book once I've announced it's "the next book".
  • There's all this thrashing that happens in the beginning that doesn't count and when you say "yes I'm going to do this" you then create a lifestyle and practice around finishing.

So, do an audit of your business and life.

  1. What have you announced you'll do recently?
  2. What needs to happen for you to finish it?
  3. What will you STOP saying because you have no intention of ever starting or finishing?
  4. Where do you need support?

My first course I ran in 2017 had 2 clients. Now, I have half of the tickets sold for my event next week in 24 hours!

Finish what you’ve started and watch your results grow.

Lots of love.