In 20 years, your kids will be the only people ...

My LinkedIn post yesterday hit 30,000 views.

20 years from now, the only people who will remember you worked late will be your kids.

It clearly hit a nerve.

Sahil Bloom, who I follow and admire much of his work, said in response to this quote that he works hard so that his kids admire his discipline, work ethic, and energy for growth.

He believes something that is completely contrary to all the science and psychology of childhood development.

As Gabor Mate said, "the infant takes everything personal."

A child cannot use reasoning or logic related to a parent's chronic absence. They are emotional and in their bodies. The anxiety and stress they experience is real.

If a child makes meaning that a parent's absence (even well meaning) in their lives is:

  • abandonment,
  • that they are somehow unlovable, or
  • they are not good enough compared to work,

these issues deeply affect their sense of Self well into adulthood.

I've been a longtime student of psychology and childhood development, and before my first son was born I knew that we had to do whatever it took to be there as much as possible for our child.

Chris and I made very difficult [life-altering] choices to reorganize our lives so we could spend an incredible amount of time with our kids.

The good news is that every day is a new opportunity to do something different to prioritize time with our kids.

The same goes for you.

Use the power of now - let the past go - and take control of the situation.

This weekend, write down all the options - work, life - you could do that would give you more time with your kids.

If you're concerned about your working hours' impact on your kids (or future kids), and solutions that can help, read Gabor Mate's book Hold On To Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers.

You can also listen to a great interview with Gabor on the Diary of a CEO.

If I can help you in any way, with a big goal to do it and maintain your business success, it would be my personal honor.

This weekend, hold onto your kids. Give them all your time. They need you.

xx Tracey

Co-Founder and Master Coach with Liv.Lit! Coaching and Training

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