Is everything working out for you?

Welcome to March! Do you have a regular reflection practice to recognize your wins and progress? If not, here's why you need one.

This month I started incorporating an end-of-month reflection practice where clients write down everything that worked out for them this past month. For February, they listed at least 20 examples of things that worked out, which included:

  • the money they made
  • the clients they signed on
  • the events and keynotes they went to
  • the referrals and connections and positive feedback they got
  • the personal growth the had, and on and on.

Pausing to write down all your wins and achievements and experiences for the month works in many powerful ways. For starters, it gives your brain proof that things are working out.

If we DON'T regularly see and recognize all the great work we're doing, our brains or habits or thoughts can play tricks on us. We might:

  • not see or recognize just how many great things happened that month,
  • forget to celebrate and truly feel happy or proud of what we've done, and
  • get caught in the trap of telling ourselves stories like "I didn't do enough / achieve enough"

Overcoming these bad habits and potentially sabotaging behavior has a very simple fix....

Look back at the month of February and write down everything - big and small - that proved that things are working out for you. Imagine being able to easily recognize and appreciate the outcomes of your actions? Imagine looking back in 3 or 6 months time and seeing how far you've come?

Please email me at and send me your list. Or if you prefer to have a coaching session on this, let's make it happen.

Yes, everything is working out for you.

xx Tracey

Co-Founder and Master Coach with Liv.Lit! Coaching and Training

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