If something is ending in your life: let it end

Tomorrow we go to Germany for holidays.

18 months ago we left Germany and moved to the Caribbean. Why? Well, I do not say this to be political, I say it as a mere fact: we chose to not vaccinate for covid. Many of you who have been on this listserv or followed me on social media have been watching my journey the last few years.

My husband Chris and I looked ahead, if we stayed we would have to endure another dark European winter as pariahs. Not allowed indoors anywhere, or at any social gatherings.

We were not victims: we were prepared to deal with the consequences of our choices. And so we got a major, unplanned life redirect.

We left. We took our two kids under two, five suitcases, and moved to the Caribbean. Somewhere warm, sunny, and where we could sit down indoors (oh the freedom!).

Plus, no taxes. A pat on the back from the universe?!

I learned:

1. To never allow yourself to be victimized, and
2. To never wait for others to change to take control of your life and wellbeing.


This was our story. An extreme story, but the lesson is the same: it's best not to resist an ending. Let it end.

What do you sense is ending in your life?

  • The purpose and fulfillment you once had in your job?
  • A project or service you've done for years that you no longer enjoy?
  • A toxic dynamic in a relationship?
  • Your country? (OK OK just kidding... but maybe...)

Where could this ending bring you to?

  • Doing work you love and lights you up!
  • More money, more freedom
  • Bringing your relationships to the next level

Please email me at tracey@livlitceo.com and let me know something you feel is ending, in your business or life. Something you know you need to allow to end (physically or at least mentally/emotionally) but are struggling to do on your own. I'd love to have an exchange about it.



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