San Francisco, London, Conflict, and LinkedIn Updates!

As a coach and facilitator and trainer, I am constantly engaging in the '8 9 and 10 tough conversations' with people as they navigate towards their goals.

I get to go to the very edges of human behavior, psychology, mindset, and performance - and see what causes and influences someone's success and progress possible.

As such, I care deeply about bringing in my insights and awareness and learnings to you all. This is why I create video and post content on LinkedIn (connect with me here). See below for a few favorites.

Second, I'm headed on a few business trips! I'd love to see how we can coach together, lead a team workshop experience, or network if you're in the area. Email me your ideas at

  • San Francisco - March 22-26
  • London, England - week of April 3

And finally...!!

Starting April 12, in partnership with Bach Business Partners (BBP), I will be leading a completely revamped and reimagined Level 1 course in conflict resolution.

This 4-part course will infuse games, simulations, tons of breakout discussions, and will be the most immersive course experience I have ever delivered.

Classes will be held at 9:30-11:30am EST on Wednesdays April 12, 19, 26, and May 3. To pre-register just email me at to let me know you're interested to join the course.

A Few LinkedIn Favorites

Most Viewed: 🧠 do you want to have a super high, switched on workday today?

Here's the science behind how to move out of low valence emotions (like frustration, anger, stress, fatigue) with exercise, and getting your brain back into a high, switched on state to do your best freakin work.

Watch here.

Rant: On how the last 3 years of the pandemic has impacted the negative and highly avoidant civil discourse happening in companies. Interpersonal conflicts seems to be at an all-time high. Here's what to do to turn it around.

Read here.

Have you heard?: I am borderline obsessed with the Acton Academy (K-12 schools in the USA and globally) and how they would fire a teacher if they answer a question or give a lecture to students.

Watch here.


Lastly, did you know that you are always being guided? That everything is happening for you? Your gifts and genius is needed in the world. Keep putting yourself out there and following the guidance, even if you have no idea where it leads you.

Have a wonderful Friday.

xx Tracey

Co-Founder and Master Coach with Liv.Lit! Coaching and Training

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