In one week! Glenn's 2008 recession story and comeback [Liv.Aligned]

                                                                    Next class on Thursday November 17 at 9am EST
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For many of us, the entire landscape we're living in feels akin to the 2008 recession.

We're wondering: What can we do to be prepared? Proactive? And lead our companies and lives at the highest levels?

The first bit of advice you'd probably hear is: DO.NOT.BURNOUT. Except that's exactly what our next Liv.Aligned class speaker is going to talk about.

Glenn Miller, seasoned entrepreneur and Principal of MBG Finance, was stuck in the vacuum of busyness and overwork when his body gave out, and he landed in serious condition in the hospital.

With all of his business partners and clients and investors climbing up his back, Glenn realized he could continue down the path he was on, or change. And change he did.

This class with Glenn is going to empower us to ask ourselves important questions about the meaning of business and life, and how to pivot and be successful on our own terms.

From the Hospital to Business Success on his Terms
Thursday November 17 at 9am EST

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You will want to be in the room.

All classes are live, virtual, free, and just 45-minutes long. See you there.

xx Tracey

CEO, Co-Founder and Master Coach with Liv.Lit!

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