Let's Master It! The Art of Dealing with Conflict webinar series is open

The moment many of you have been asking for — Let's Master It! The Art of Dealing with Conflict webinar series is now open for enrollment!

Bach Business Partners and I have been hard at work developing a completely revamped and reimagined series on the important skill of navigating workplace and interpersonal conflicts.

Why would we want to get better at conflict resolution? Because conflicts happen all the time and will continue to happen. How we behave and respond directly impacts our performance, the quality of our relationships, and the quality of results we're getting in business.

This series hasn’t been offered since Spring 2022. To celebrate, I’m offering my community $50 off through April 5 by entering the code VIP at checkout. Click the button below to learn more and sign-up.  

Learn More and Register for Let's Master It! The Art of Dealing with Conflict Webinar Series

Whether you're wanting to become better at leading through challenges, creating teams that drive innovation, or being more tactful in handling tough interpersonal issues, we'll answer the question: "How can I do this differently?"

Across four weeks, I will guide you through the 9 essential skills to mastering conflict to help you become incredible at addressing conflict situations in the workplace and start creating the best resolutions that are good for you and others.

Participants will experience a Socratic-inquiry approach to learning; with interactive case studies, teamwork, simulations, and games to learn by directly engaging in the material. No long lectures or being talked at for hours. You'll be an active agent in the learning experience.

The series includes: four live weekly webinars (2-hours per session), access to all webinar recordings, the TKI Assessment, fully editable participant workbook, and related webinar materials.

The webinar series begins April 12 and registration ends April 5. Group options are available by emailing tracey@livlitceo.com or Steven@bachbusinesspartners.com.