A Long-haul Move With 2 Kids!

I was recently asked a question: How do you keep doing long-haul moves around the world with your 2 young kids and running a business?

And I wanted to share my response because I get the sense that YOU are thinking of doing something big this year.

Something that may look Impossible. Irrational. Or maybe even Incredible to those around you.

Is it true? What's that thing that you're ready to call into your life?

The thing (or person or experience) that would bring you even more into Alignment with who you are, right here right now?

Here's my very incomplete answer to her question

How do you keep doing long-haul moves around the world with your 2 young kids and running a business?

Love/Partnership: My husband and I have very different (and complimentary) skills - he is the very real BRAINS to my HEART. He does finances, strategy, operations, administration like wicked fast. He remembers everything. Excels in math and modeling. SO when we need to excute something crazy big - he is SO clutch. My heart is about relationships - I focus on the kids, the energy, the emotions, the house, how I want it to look and feel, communicate, prioritize, and lead with that entire side of the operation.

Living in Alignment: From an alignment perspective, when I know something is TRUE, then it needs to happen. We don't hum and haw or get caught delaying or avoiding. We honestly just say YEP that needs to happen, so let's do it. We won't stay victim or stuck in things that don't serve us, and since the last few years have been absolute insanity, we've become accustomed to pivot a lot and stay very flexible.

Living in the Tao: We are more or less minimalists, so we aren't weighed down by stuff or are attached to things.

Soul-led Guidance: And from a soul level - my connection to my higher self is unshakeable. When she tells me that this is meant to make me stronger, and it's for a reason that my life isn't traditional, I really trust it.


I forgot to add one last point: I'm a fucking badass! haha!

To live a life in alignment with your values, who you are, your gifts, your talents - YOU need to be so attuned to yourself, your strengths, your limitations and be FIERCE in going after what you want.

Did I stop working on Liv.Lit! by about 80% the last 2 months? YEP.

Did I do a ton more childcare? YEP.

Did I cry a lot while I slept 5 hours each night and did task after task after task during the day? YEP.

But in the end I have a clear vision of how my life would look on the other side.

And it's OCEANFRONT baby!! :)

What're you after? How can I help you pivot and shake and move towards that FIERCE vision of the future you have?

Apply for an Intro Call and let's get talking.

Because just like me, you have one life to live.

It's time to LIV LIT!!!

It's time to be the CEO of Your Life.

xx Tracey

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