Old Habits Die Hard

Nothing says "Happy birthday to me!" quite like realizing my brain is out to get me.

My birthday is February 10 (thank you thank you), and I stumbled across research that finds that by age 35 (eek I turn 36), our brains have wired and fired enough life experiences and education to make it a lot less plastic and malleable than it used to be.

We start to become rigid. Predictable. Our brains try to take over from here!

So as the saying that goes, old habits die hard.

Have you noticed that...?

  • Your business (activities, projects, goals) have become predictable,
  • You tend to do the same things each work week,
  • You have the same conversations and do relatively the same actions day in and day out,
  • You stopped downloading new apps or technology (I still don't have TikTok),
  • You go to the same places and are circled by the same old crowd?

Hey, there's nothing wrong with products and services that are the cornerstone of what you do!

And there's nothing wrong with your 10-year business bestie who knows you better than anyone.

But if you're not careful, you will fall prey to the very part of you that's created success in the first place.

The part of you that's open to new ideas, new experiences, new people, new ways of working!!

We need that part of you to have a permanent seat at your success table.

So what do you do about this?!

How do you interrupt mother nature and stay plastic to new doors opening, new ways of working, new opportunities?!

You consciously choose and infuse NEW, NOVEL & CREATIVE into the work you do.

  • You say YES to implementing that new idea you've had in the back of your mind,
  • You say YES to switching up your work day,
  • You say YES to trying coaching and courses and retreats ,
  • You update your damn website, and slide decks, and client experiences,
  • You stop delivering the same old stuff and start to infuse new into everything you do.

Some of the most life-changing coaching sessions involve dreaming and imagining and playing big!!

HOW do you do this?

You decide that it's time to shake it up (especially when things are going well).

No more waiting.

No more hoping the next half-listened to podcast is going to jolt you awake.

Old habits NEED to die hard so that you become, have and achieve everything you want in this lifetime.

What's yours? What's an old habit of yours that needs to die, right now?! I'd love to hear it and will personally respond with some coaching questions or a resource to support you to move through it. Email me at tracey@livlitceo.com to share...

xx Tracey

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