Is there anything positive about conflict?

Most us of us have a huge aversion to conflict, especially when it comes to conflicts with people.

  • No, it's not easy tell a colleague that they dominate every discussion at team meetings.
  • No, it's not easy to leave at 5pm to pickup your kids at daycare when everyone else stays working till 7pm.
  • No, it's not easy to have the guts to mutter an unpopular truth to a family member.

--> What or who do you tend to avoid at work?

We often avoid things not because we don't care, but because we perceive going into those situations as unsafe.

We fear the backlash. We worry about what other people think. And one strategy when we feel this way is to Avoid. Avoid. Avoid. (until we explode in anger or up and quit our job, of course!).

Except let's pause for a second. Can conflicts like these be good? Can anything positive come from them? Is there a bigger reason for why these conflicts are happening?

Yes! Learn why next week.

One reason why conflicts are POSITIVE is that conflict is married to change.

  • There's a change that could make those team meetings a lot more enjoyable and productive.
  • There's a change that could make parents feel welcome and supported in companies.
  • There's a change that could make families be safe havens for truth, love, and respect.

--> What change (goal, resolution, outcome) would you like to happen if you stopped avoiding that work thing, and addressed it successfully?

I'm not here to say that change is easy or happens overnight. But there are some very simple skills that you can start doing right now that can get you immediately better results and resolutions to the stuff that matters most to you.

After 15 years of practice and becoming a licensed trainer in Conflict Resolution with Kilmann Diagnostics, I have discovered a way to Master the Art of Dealing with Conflict.

Trust me, your life can and will change as you learn how to assess, strategize, and adapt your behavior to resolving your most important conflicts.

Please join me next week for a free, live, virtual webinar with Bach Business Partners.

I've made a resolution to getting hundreds of people trained in this work in 2023. I'd love you to be one of them.

Please email me at and let me know a conflict or challenge you're experiencing right now. I'd love to send you some coaching and conflict resolution tips to get you on the right path to resolution.

Learn a bit more by watching a quick video on the 5 strategies (styles) of conflict resolution. Which one do you use most often at work?!

Lots of love,

xx Tracey

CEO, Co-Founder and Master Coach with Liv.Lit!

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