Saturday Mornings: 'Intention' is the root of all success or shortcoming

"Your intentions generate the results."

- Gary Zukav, The Seat of the Soul

Grab a coffee and enjoy this 4 minute article is intended to support you to connect back to yourself, to think and to reflect.


Following on from episode 4 on The Power of Intention for Rapid Success....

Please take a look around you:

  • the room you're sitting in,
  • the $number in your bank account,
  • the people you'll see today,
  • the food in your fridge,

everything in your current reality comes directly from the quality of your intentions.

If you intended to eat healthy, then your actions would be to buy healthy food for your fridge.

If you intended to wait till the New Year to raise your rates, then your bank account can't possibly hit the $number you really want to have.

INTENTION, not action, is the root of all of everything.


If I can inspire just one person - you - to shift how you approach your life it would be this...

Before taking any action at all, pause briefly and ask yourself,

What is my intention for this situation right now? What is the outcome or result that I intend to create?

Bring your intention into your AWARENESS.

THEN take action.


It's sometimes insane to me how easy and effective this strategy is for people to make money, become healthy, bring a big idea into reality, finally wake up excited for the day, and on and on.

This is because your intentions --> create the results in your life.

If you're conscious about your intentions, you are in control.


If you want to change the results you're getting, change your intentions.

If you've ever felt stuck wanting to do something but not acting on it --  then you definitely have more than one intention running the show.

Gary Zukav calls this having a splintered personality.

He says for example that, "a splintered personality is one that has a conscious intention to improve one's marriage, and a stronger, unconscious intention to end it."

We may be conscious of an intention on the surface, but unaware of an intention out of our awareness -- that may be jamming our energy, our thoughts, and  causing us to make erratic choices.

This is why people find success in approaches like coaching, therapy, or any type of Socratic-inquiry. It's because having space for reflection, questions and deeper inquiry allows us get below the surface of our awareness and connect to truths or intentions we may not be aware of.

I coach a lot on uncovering conflicting intentions.

Somewhere in you, is the truth. How can we let it out?


The simple answer is this: all intentions are rooted in either


(or Fear).

That's it.

Before doing something, you can ask yourself: is this intention coming from a place of love? Or fear?

And then if it's rooted in fear, take a moment to adjust. To make it better. To help you get the results you want with the least amount of consequences and debris to deal with.

I know that in the business world, oftentimes words like 'Love' are immediately brushed off as inappropriate and soft and unbusinesslike. But why? Why is that?

I believe it's because we are lacking love in our life, lacking love of others, lacking self-love, and love doesn't sell as easily as fear.

But don't buy into that illusion. In the world of energy, love is the path to freedom, connection, joy, abundance, and growth.

Create your intentions rooted in love, and watch what happens.


Start Today

As you go about your Saturday Morning, would you be open to the idea of being a little more conscious and clear about your intentions?

You can start with:

  1. What is your intention for today? What results or outcomes do you want to happen?
  2. What is your intention with the people you're going to interact with?
  3. What is motivating you today? How can you reframe that motivation to be rooted in Love?

Write one word to describe your intention for today _________________.


1. Pause,

2. Become aware of your intention, (rooted in Love), and

3. Then act in a way to get that intention met.


Please email me at and let me know what your intention is for today. Or maybe you want to share your revised intention for your business the rest of the year. I'd love to hear it -- and sending me an email is more for you than it is for me :)

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Thank you for your precious time in joining me this morning and I'll see you on the podcast this week -- and via email next Saturday.

xx Tracey


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