🍂(Self) Censorship is your biggest weakness

Where are you not speaking your wild, crazy, direct AF truth?

Go ahead and pull up that situation. It's the situation where you step into the part of you that doesn't want to rock the boat. Plays the 'middle man'. Is the peacemaker. Wants everyone to feel good.

And so, you (self) censor. You run your thoughts through a filter and what comes out is a censored half-truth. White lies. Niceties. Ugh.

And so you get off that call or leave a meeting feeling anxious. Deflated. You avoided saying the thing that needed to be said.

Oh, what to do!

With all the censorship going on in the Real World. The news. The media. Facebook. It can be easy to point a finger at all those entities and demand they stop censoring.

Sorry, but what about you? What if you first got YOUR house in order, by not censoring yourself in your work and life? THEN we could try and fix the goddamn world!

So here it is.

(Self) censoring, as well as the choice to censor and the lack of willpower to speak your truth resides in the THROAT chakra.

The Throat Chakra is the epicenter of:

  • Speaking your truth (or holding back, being 'nice', telling white lies)
  • All of the Choices you make (or don't make, which is still a choice)
  • Your Willpower (or lacking will, motivation, drive)

If your throat chakra is jammed up - life gets hard.

It's time to take ownership of this and start to transform this energy.

It's time for you to show up to that client call or team meeting and say: this is what I think. This is how I see things. No I don't want to do that. No that's not aligned. I'm going to go this way.



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I love you. See you there?

xx TraceyLiv

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