You Can Either Struggle And Stress, Or You Can Simply Accept!

Whenever daylight savings kicks in -- I can't even. I have clients and family across 6+ time zones and when my calendar changes, it's like I go into 24 hours of vertigo lol.

I grab onto the wisest tool I have, I go into Acceptance:

  • I accept that I booked an event smack in the middle of daylight savings.
  • I accept that I'm not responsible for knowing everyone's time zones.
  • I accept that whoever is meant to be in the room, will be in the room -- full stop!

Do you see the power in this? The power of acceptance?

Saying and using the word Acceptance feels more aligned and powerful for me than words like surrendering or letting go.

Starting today: try adding the word Acceptance to your vocabulary and repeat it as often as needed.

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BONUS! Guest Speaker - Hannah Koenig

Equally, I'm so thrilled that Hannah Koenig will be a guest speaker with me! Hannah is everything Well-Resourced Leadership, is going to help crack us all open to new ways of seeing and doing that create whole-life success.

Will you be one of the 22 CEO Founders and leaders in the room next week?!

Email me at and let me know if you're coming. And, let me know where you need to drop the struggle and stress and start first to Accept. I'd love to hear it and connect with you on a personal level.

Lots of love, xx

xx Tracey

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