Take Your Mornings Back

Early mornings are the most valuable time of our day.

And what should we do with this time?

Read. Write. And think.

Mornings are a time for us to be ourselves. To not have to play a role like being a parent or spouse or boss or whatever.

Mornings are for Tracey. Not Tracey the Mom or Tracey the entrepreneur. It's for the Tracey underneath all of that.

Can you imagine? Do you remember that part of yourself?

There is no better time to read than in the mornings. It's when our minds are fresh from a night of sleeping; without being preoccupied with the burdens and tasks and issues from the day.

We've got space for ideas to come into our world. We're ready for breakthroughs. For realizations. For contemplation.

Mornings set the tone for the entire day. Why not set it right? Or better yet...

Why not give yourself these precious minutes back?

Many of us wonder why we aren't reading more, or writing more, or why we feel so disconnected from ourselves.

I'd recommend looking at what you do in the early mornings. Right at the start of your day.

Don't worry if you're not doing what you'd like to be doing. Your habits can change. You can change in an instant.

Why not give yourself the mornings? And take back some of that time for yourself?

Here's my morning habit

Every morning I wake up at 5:11am and have my feet on the floor by 5:20am.

I make my coffee and sit on the balcony outside; facing the Spanish Waters here in Curacao.

Only a journal and book are allowed outside. Absolutely no phone.

Sometimes I simply stare at the stars and enjoy my coffee before my kids wake up.

Or sometimes I voraciously read 50 pages in my book or write 5 pages in my journal.

The mornings are for me. It's where I build life on my terms. All alone. At 5am.

Are you up for a morning in solitude? Would you give it a try tomorrow morning?

Email me at tracey@livlitceo.com and let me know. I'd love to hear how early mornings can get you on the path to life on your terms. Whatever success looks like for you in 2023.

xx Tracey

Co-Founder and Master Coach with Liv.Lit! Coaching and Training

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