The urgency of NOW - welcome to September

Can you feel it? We've entered September and many of us are feeling two BIG things:

1. An urge to declutter:

You're DONE with being pulled in a million directions, of over-consuming the news and opinions that don't serve you, of not feeling crystal clear of what to focus on and what you want to achieve.

You've been in a stage of massively decluttering your life; consciously or unconsciously, or are ready to do so.


2. A sense of urgency:

You've been feeling like time is slipping right out of your hands! Tracey, how the heck can it be possibly September already?!

YES. You've been feeling a very strong urgency to MANIFEST IT NOW but unsure how to do it. You know people need you now, not tomorrow.

But the how how how is blocking you to move powerfully ahead.


You won't make progress on any of these feelings if they remain as mental entertainment, you need practice.

So, I'm going to list a few words that can be your compass for September:

Awakened. Enlightened. Intentional. All-knowing.Clear-sight. Clarity. Anger. Completion. Choice. Readiness. Strength. Power.Alignment. Attunement. Change. Progress.

--> Which word(s) do you want to own and keep close to your heart right now? What word will drive you forward to LEAD in September?

My word is Awakened.

When you awaken, you declutter faster, easier, smarter to ensure you're not weighed down. THEN with your awakened state of being, you start to know exactly how to ride that wave of urgency towards manifesting your goals and desires because you have the clarity needed to do that.

My question is: if this resonates for you, what are you going to do about it? REPLY ME at and let me know. I'll personally respond and see where I can give even more value to you.

xx TraceyLiv

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