🍂 Welcome to November: Creating work/life goals

I saw a woman running this morning when I was walking the kids. She must have been 70 years old. She had a slow, steady pace and despite being overweight, her breathing and energy was strong.

She looked happy.

I watched her running and wondered - did she have a clear goal or intention to run - like 5x per week?

And why does she have a goal?

Is she doing it to lose weight or to try and live a longer, stronger life?

She fascinated me, because I believe many people find it easier to have physical goals: such as exercise schedules, weight loss or muscle gain targets, and eating plans.

But many people don't have work/life goals.

Life moves fast. We get busy. We take on too much. And we get caught up with small targets rather than stepping back to dream up an incredible big-picture view of our life.

Start Now

You don't need to be all-or-nothing with this. Here's how I personally plan and look at the rest of 2021 - join me.

  • What would you love to happen for November and December of this year? Come on! Dream!
  • Thanksgiving is happening. Christmas is happening. New Year's Eve is happening.
  • What's happening in these 2 months that's waiting for you to be more intentional?
  • Simply write down your work/life dreams.
  • What you would LOVE to have, become, experience and do in your work/life for the rest of the year?
  • From here you can set an actual goal.
  • And when you marry your dreams with a goal - you can take wise action.

Email me at tracey@livlitceo.com and share with me a work/life goal you have for the rest of 2021!

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See you Wednesday?

xx TraceyLiv

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