When your kids (and you) get inconveniently sick

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Last week both of my sweet boys Liam and Henry were home sick.

Then of course, with all their coughing directly into my mouth (despite the please to "Cover your mouth!")... I got sick.

In fact, I was terribly sick all this weekend and am still trying to get better.

Sickness seems to always be inconvenient, right? We all have our workweeks and weekends booked out in advance, and some of us are underwater with the amount of work we need to do.

Which got me thinking.

How do people successfully deal with sickness and work?? Without ignoring the illness or dropping the ball completely at work?

I feel it comes down to ONE thing: Communication of needs.

That's right. We must ruthlessly communicate our needs IN REAL TIME.

For me, it looked something like this:

On Saturday, my needs were for Chris to do the morning shift with the boys (starting at 6am), which is typically my duty.

On Sunday, my needs were to do zero childcare, zero housework, and stay in bed. I was so sick. Again, I felt guilty to ask Chris to watch the kids all day, but I let that guilt go. I needed rest (and he's an amazing Dad).

On Monday, my needs were to only do my coaching calls and then get right back to bed. No qualms about 'doing the most'. Just do the minimum viable product, Tracey.

And today, Tuesday. I am literally writing this email in bed so that I can put on your radar that the next Liv.Aligned class is this Thursday.

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Communicating our needs can be tough because we anticipate the other person's response.

We anticipate our partners not wanting to be overloaded with kids and housework.

We anticipate our clients and colleagues quietly griping for taking on our meetings or workloads.

All of our dysfunctional patterns come to the surface and are challenged when we're sick:

Our tendency to overwork, people please, not ask for our needs, not want to 'be a burden', feeling guilty or bothersome, not wanting to look weak or incapable...

BUT, I'd like to ask you to stop being run by these usual patters for a moment, and do this instead....

I want you to anticipate your partner and work pals WANTING to help your sad, sick self.

Wanting to take care of stuff so that you can feel better.

Imagine that, people actually want to help you!

So if you're sick, be sick.

Tell people how they can help you get better.

Because tomorrow the sun will still rise, and when you're feeling better, there will be plenty of time to kicka** in your business.

Just not right now. Go sleep.

xx Tracey

CEO, Co-Founder and Master Coach with Liv.Lit!

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