Who you need to fire in your business

If any of these parts are leading your business, fire them:

  • The Controller
  • Busy bee
  • Judger
  • People pleaser
  • Saboteur
  • Child
  • Victim
  • Doubter/disbeliever

These parts ARE NOT STRONG ENOUGH to build your empire.

They're not strong enough to act on big hits of guidance because they'llbe too afraid.

They're not strong enough to do the dirty work - the toughconversations, the endings, the letting go -  that's really required tolead a big life.


The part that you replace it with is:

  • strong enough to take big leaps of faith and stomach the risks,
  • has honest, direct and tough conversations with yourself and others whenever new ideas or truth emerges,
  • is unstoppable, relentless, wild, incredible, and real, and
  • acts from higher guidance from a place of deep trust and self-esteem.

That part of me is called TRACEYLIV and whenever I need tochannel her I listen to The Real Slim Shady by Eminem :)

My client today called that part of her HARDCORE.

What's your word?

And...how can you shift out of old energy and into a new identity/Selfwith the snap of a finger?!

  • What I just recommended to a client that I wanted to share with you, is for her to fill in the Peak State Workbook.
  • Do the ritual every morning for 5 days
  • Set the intention that you're calling in that greater part of you to lead your business for the day
  • And freakin' drop the old energy of the people pleaser / controller / doubter because they just ain't gonna cut it!

Email me at tracey@livlitceo.comand let me know what part of you that needs to be fired from leading yourbusiness. What part of you is coming to the surface? What would you name thatfierce, unstoppable part of you?!

Big hugs,

xx Tracey

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