Why you MUST have a vision for your life

Tutorial Video on Vision & Purpose: Your North Star

Do you dare to live the life you’ve always wanted? Your vision is your ability to project into the future and create your very own purpose in order to achieve your wildest dream. If you’re still in the same job that you don’t like or if you’re in the business that’s not thriving, you need to reset your visions in life! Liv. Lit! can guide you to live out your purpose, achieve your North Star, and be the CEO of Your Life. 

Problems people face by scoring LOW in this domain are:

  • You have a huge vision, but you’re stuck or frozen in ways to achieve it. 
  • You’re procrastinating to take any action towards realizing your vision. 
  • You’re afraid to build out something around your visions and purpose that makes you feel more fulfilled. 
  • Your life doesn’t change and is not moving forward. 

Successes people experience by scoring HIGH in this domain: 

  • You consistently reset your vision – you always try to be creative, resourceful and playful with the things you can do to create a significant impact in your life. 
  • You have a clear idea of what you want in your life and career. 
  • You are not afraid of your vision; instead, you want your vision to come true. 
  • You progressively strive towards achieving your goals. 

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