You Must Know Your 'Why' in Times of Business Crisis

I've been checking in with my why recently. Asking myself, Why do I coach high-growth entrepreneurs and business leaders?

And it kept coming back to this:

I believe that it is a moral and ethical imperative that entrepreneurs and business leaders survive through these times of crisis.

  • The 2 years of c19 pandemic chaos. The aftermath.
  • Recession. Inflation. Property Markets. War in Ukraine. Energy Crisis. WEF global politics.
  • Censorship, mass firings for medical unfreedom, mental illness, isolation.

It's been a shitstorm. Not just for everyone, but for businesses specifically.

And it's not over.

I see leaders who are completely burned out, running from crisis to crisis, and then they get the news that there's another major obstacle coming down the pike.

Right now, my client's combined annual revenues exceeds $400 million and employ thousands of incredible people across more than a half-dozen countries.

To coach and train them directly, and impact the livelihood of the thousands of people they employ indirectly -- I will be fulfilling my greater calling.

How about you, what's your why?

If we don't fiercely live our Why

Another good perspective to look at it is....

If we don't live and work fiercely in our 'why', what could happen?

For me, if I gave up coaching -- it means I didn't do my part in positively steering the progress of entrepreneurship, business, and sovereign leadership in my lifetime.

Ouch. A huge regret I couldn't live with.

And if all of us backed out, it could lead to a society with predominately state-run businesses. And large, merged corporation conglomerates like Facebook and Amazon.

The dangers of this single-story are so obvious to me.

Make a Commitment

Which is why I commit to waking up every day and doing my life's work to the best of my abilities, so that you can do yours.

What's your commitment?

Coaching Questions

Knowing you bigger why is going to get you through the extreme highs and lows of the coming months and years ahead.

Your why can be many things - it's not just one thing. So tap into the why that's right in front of you, and expand on it when you're ready.

  • What's your why? Meaning, why do you do what you do?
  • Not just small scale, like to make money. What's the deeper meaning of why you do what you do - on a larger scale?
  • How has it evolved in the last two years?
  • What injustices bother you the most?
  • How is you why and those injustices interconnected?
  • Why do you do what you do?

Watch Simon Sinek's famous TED Talk Start with Why.

Email me at and share your WHY with me. Or any comments about this newsletter.

We all must find a way to live our why more loudly, more intentionally, and more boldly to ensure that the societies our kids are living in are as free and open as possible.

I love you, let’s coach.

xx Tracey

CEO, Co-Founder and Master Coach with Liv.Lit!

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