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Liv.Aligned Series
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Sarah Morgan, Founder,
High Vibration Club

Believe Releasing Class

What if you could release deeply stored limiting beliefs you carried, instantly? Come experience how to Truly Raise your Vibration, release low-stored beliefs, and become one of the first people in the World to reach 100% High Vibration with Leading Edge Believe Releasing Process – with Believe Accredited Practitioner Sarah Morgan.
Watch the recording of this class here

TraceyLiv, Founder, Liv.Lit!

The Power of Choice Class

Cut right to the heart of how and why you make (or don't make) choices in your business and life, through an exploration of the Throat (5th) Chakra and the Saboteur Archetype. You're going to learn how to make tough choices more easily, speak up more confidently, and discover how living with Authentic Power creates MORE results in your business, not less.
Watch the recording of this class here

Simon Alexander Ong, Founder

The Energy of Gratitude Class

In this class, Simon will share how infusing gratitude into every corner of your life and business will transform how you show up each day and what you are able to attract into your life. When you rewire your energy in this way, it will take you from victim to creator, from limitation to possibilities, and from hiding in the shadows to stepping into the light of your potential. You will also get practical tools that Simon has used over the last decade to develop his business to where it is today, using the energy of gratitude.
Watch the recording of this class here

Hannah Koenig, Founder

Wealthy & Well-Resourced

This class is designed to help you understand money through the lens of leadership. If you're no longer available for scarcity, lack, overwhelm or drama that holds you hostage to a life smaller than your soul desires... you won't want to miss this.  It's time to claim your full expression and identity as a wealthy, well-resourced leader.
Watch the recording of this class here

Graeme Godfrey

How to Solve Business Problems with a Pen and a Cup

Your problems cannot be solved by yesterday’s logic – they need your creativity.  Get a JOLT of creativity with Graeme, owner of Passionate About Business, who is going to pack-the-punch with an immersive experience that gets you to think outside the box, to be more innovative, and to stretch how you approach problem-solving. Bring a challenge you’re facing and let’s resolve it together – with a pen and a cup.
Watch the recording of this class here

Rose Boghos

Spiritual Readings: 2021 Audit and 2022 Forecast

We're going to finish our Liv.Aligned classes with something truly special. Rose Boghos of Energy Matters LLC is going to share the big spiritual lessons of 2021 and will do a spiritual forecasting of what's to come in 2022. Plus, at least 5 participants will receive a live 1:1 intuitive reading with Rose during our class. You must join us live to have a chance at a reading! You're sure to leave feeling illuminated about your life, your business and everything that's to come in the New Year.
Watch the recording of this class here